Year In Infrastructure Conference 2020 - Top 5 Geotechnical Data Highlights

I hope you enjoyed the Geotechnical Information Management’s team content at the Year In Infrastructure conference this year. Don’t worry if you missed anything - everything is available to watch on-demand.
I’ve included my personal highlights and links below to help you decide where to start

Firstly, let me echo the comments of many users that I have spoken to this year. The pandemic has kept us apart, and it is disappointing that we were not able to have the normal social aspect of the User Conference this year. I have been to our Annual User Conference every year for the last 22 years. I consider them as one of the highlights of working in this industry. I particularly enjoy catching up over a coffee/beer and being inspired and motivated by the amazing stories and passion of our users each year.

Our loss was, however, the gain of many users outside of the UK and US who have never been able to attend one of our regional events. This year we have also been able to take advantage of the reduced digital distances between us and have live discussions from UK and US users in the same event.

Our team consider it essential to continue to inspire you, even if we were unable to do it face to face this year. When Bentley offered the team an opportunity of running an Accelerate Sub Conference at Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure we jumped into action.

I have listed all the online content at the base of this post but if you only have time for 5 things then these are my top 5!

Highlight 1 – Interview with Emma from Geotechnical Engineering about Data Collector

You will know that I believe that the OpenGround Cloud Data Collector is one of the most exciting developments since we launched the system if you have spoken to me in the last six months.
We have been working with a small group of companies through our Early Adopter Program (EAP) over the last year who have provided us with valuable feedback throughout the development.

The EAP has been exciting. None of the participants would stop using the software when we told them too! However, even I was surprised by the feedback Emma Leivers gave on the CAPTURE webinar. Combining inputs from driller and engineer, reviewing the log and delivering to the client within 30 mins of completing the hole is something that we have always strived for- now we have users doing just that!

To ensure we have met all requirements for a COVID interview there’s a bookcase and a sofa in the interview!

Highlight 2 – Langan’s video contribution on how they are using the OpenGround Cloud API

The OpenGround Cloud API offers the opportunity for development teams within organizations to integrate the OpenGround Cloud platform with their own solutions. Langan did just that, and during our EXTEND webinar they give a full demo of their solution and how the API has offered capabilities for their application that were not possible before OpenGround Cloud.

The discussions about moving from gINT to OpenGround Cloud started exactly a year ago at our last face to face User Conference in Louisville. It is great to see how far this project has come in just one year.

Highlight 3 – Talking to Randy from Golder and Steph from Atkins on the way OpenGround Cloud is changing the way they work.

Talking to people who use the OpenGround Cloud software is one of the best parts of our user conferences and provides a great way to learn what is important to companies and to get feedback on how we can make the products better. The interviews with Randy Post and Stephanie Boffey-Rawlings in our REALIZE webinar are a real insight on why Golder Associates and Atkins are pushing ahead of their competition by utilizing OpenGround Cloud.

Check out this webinar if you would like to learn what part of the process has been “transformative” for Golder Associates and why Atkins has won many awards for their A9 Modeling, included one presented by Greg Bentley!

The webinar was great fun to make, not a script in sight, and that’s probably why we overran by about 10 minutes! If Randy’s and Steph’s content is not enough to entice you, the webinar also includes an appearance by Shakespeare, Phil stopping Randy and I talk too much about Excel and a close up of me panicking with 30 seconds of radio silence!

Highlight 4 – Sneak peek on the future of 3D Visualization and Digital Twins

One of the advantages of being part of a large organization is that you get to play and integrate cool new technology without having to write it all yourself. The 3D viewer demoed in our BUILD webinar is one of these items and it gives a fantastic glimpse to where the industry is heading.

If you want to know how Geotechnical data fits into a Digital Twin and how it will be visualized alongside other disciplines, then this 20 minute webinar is for you.

Highlight 5 - Highlighting the Importance of Geotechnical Data through the industry

We have worked hard this year to bring geotechnical data management to the attention of other teams within Bentley and to the main stages at the YII 2020 conference.

The team has done an amazing job and you can watch:-

  1. Greg Bentley showing Geotechnical at the core of everything Bentley does in the main keynote lecture. The same lecture where Greg talks to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft!
  2. 10 minutes of geotechnical data discussion alongside the other leaders of the Digital Cities Divisions in the Digital Cities Accelerate Keynote
  3. A number of presentations with the Geotechnical Analysis team (Plaxis and Soil Vision products) showing how the teams are working together to bring Trusted Information and Sound Computation together for our users.

No one knows if we will be able to meet together in a face to face conference next year. One thing is certain - 2021 is going to be another big year for the Geotechnical Information Management team! We hope these online webinars inspire you to plan the next stage of your geotechnical data journey.

We also have the online equivalent of standing on stage at the end of our user conference and answering your questions. If you have any questions on any Geotechnical Information Management content in the YII 2020 conference please post it on our new OpenGround Cloud forum and we will be happy to answer it there. 


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