Multi Project Output, Text Docs Report

gINT Pro Plus - Using the gint std us files – If you use the Project Summary Text Docs Report and the Multi Project setting on the Output tab and select two projects, the output generated is two pages, one page for each of the two projects selected.

 I would like the output to be one page with the totals for both projects combined, i.e., one page of output with the total number of borings for both projects combined, the total length of drilling for both projects combined, etc.

So I worked out that if I strip the project specific pieces of information off of the report, <<Project.Client>>, <<Project.Name>>, etc., the report will then combine the results from the two projects into one output.

I could work with that, but I would like the report to at least report the two <<Project.Numbers>> for the two projects selected.  Is there any way to set-up the report to do that?


Brian L.