setup.gsh on network drive

gINT Connect Pro Plus

Is it possible to configure gINT to read my setup.gsh file from a network drive instead of the C-drive of my computer?

In my office I use a "desktop" computer.  When I leave my office and go to the test lab (different buildings) I use a laptop computer.

I would like for both of these computers to use the same one setup.gsh file.

Thank you,

Brian L.

  • Hi Brian,

    You can try this:

    1. Copy your current setup.gsh file to the network drive. You can find the current setup.gsh location at Help>About gINT.

    2. Right click on your gINT desktop icon, go to Properties>Shortcut and add the following to the Target field: /SETUP="<Network Drive File Path>". In the example below, I've changed my setup.gsh file location to D:\Example\. Make sure you include the backslash at the end of the path.

    3. Do this on your desktop and your laptop.

    4. Start gINT and go to Help>About gINT to make sure gINT is pointing to the correct setup.gsh file location. You can also go to the folder on the network drive and look for the ldb locking file to verify the file is in use.

    You'll have to launch gINT by clicking on the desktop icon instead of a project file or library.

    Make sure no other users will be using the same setup.gsh file.

    This is probably the easiest way to do it.

    If you want to launch gINT by clicking on gpj's or glb's and use the setup.gsh on the network drive, you could try changing file associations and including the /SETUP="<Network Drive File Path>" option, but I haven't tried it. In Help>Contents>Scripts there are articles about associating files and command line options. 

    Answer Verified By: Brian L.