I want to use a line to section the stratum mode

I have a complex line and a corresponding stratum model, now ,I want to used this line to section the stratum model, Finally,I obtaioned two dimensional stratum profile´╝îlike is. How can I do it?Anyone can help me ?

  • I'm not sure if I understand your question fully, but to use a polyline as your fence section line, you can:

    1) activate the Site Map and Alignments support under the "additional modules" in the gINT main menu.

    2) Save the line you want to use as the section line as a continuous polyine in a new file in .dxf format (I presume this is from a cadd application)

    3) Go to the Site Map tab, and import the .dxf polyline file

    4) Under the "Site Map" menu, select "Convert open polyline to alignment", and then pick the polyline you just imported; you should be able to name the alingment here too.

    5) Go to "Output" and "Fences", and under "Fence Options" there is a button to "Use Alignment". Click this, and select the alignment you just created.  The section will be created using this line