Dynasets vs gINTRules.GridData recordsets

So.. What I "think" I am understanding is that in the following dummy code, the  "actions" relating to SPT only execute against the Table and Point ID that has Focus. The reason for this is because the gINTRules.Grid data only returns a recordset of the Focused Current Boring, Focused Table and Grid Data of that Focused Boring and Table. (Is this statement about what the gINTRules.GRid returns correct??)

If I want to perform acts on ALL the Borings (PointID's), then I need to create a Dynaset having the PointID's and work on THAT Dynaset recordset, right?

Am I on the right track in my thinking about the 2 types of recordsets?

Bottom line (besides my gaining understanding of things) is that I want to do the same SPT acts  on ALL the Borings, not just the one focused in the top dropdown.

 Public Sub Do Great Things ()
 'Dims in here
		 With gINTRules.GridData

					iPsDepth = .FieldCol("Depth")
					iPSBlowType = .FieldCol("Blow Type")
					iPSBlows1 = .FieldCol("Blows 1st")
					iPsBlowDist1 = .FieldCol("Penetration 1st")
					iPsBlows2 = .FieldCol("Blows 2nd")
					iPsBlowDist2 = .FieldCol("Penetration 2nd")
					iPsBlows3 = .FieldCol("Blows 3rd")
					iPsBlowDist3 = .FieldCol("Penetration 3rd")
					iPsASTM_Style_N_Value = .FieldCol("ASTM Style N Value")
					iPsxGEL_SPT_String = .FieldCol("xGEL SPT String")

				  For lRow = 1 To glNumRows
				  'Do some stuff there relating to SPT
							Next lRow

        End With
 End Sub

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