Working from home-gint files get corrupted

Since we transitioned to work from home, we are getting calls with users unable to open their gint files. This can also happen when they are in the middle of entering data in gint and suddenly gint would freeze and then close out. When they try to open again they get this error message. "Unable to open 'table'. Unrecognized database format". .

I am usually able to recover the database by "repair/compact" in gint and if that does not work, I'll open in MSAccess to recover.  I noticed that when this happens, the gint file will be unusally large for that dataset and upon recovery, will revert back to its "normal" file size. We are using gint Windows 10 Enterprise.

What can be causing the problem?  Does anyone have the same problem? If needed, we collected error logs from users for troubleshooting. 

  • Hi 123HC,

    It would probably be best to talk with you and get the debug files from the users. You can either e-mail me or create a Service request online and attach the debug logs.

    Our work from home page has a link for creating a Service request or e-mail me 

    If the file size is still large it may mean that the file is not able to repair and compact properly based on your work from home setup. Could be VPN related lag and /or something else. Send me an e-mail so we can look at how you have it setup. Our work from home page describes some ways you can setup. Ie remote desktop or VPN access or copying the gINT files local. We would recommend the latest version of gINT it uses newer Database engine than the version you have. The work from home link also shows where to download the latest version.