gINT Administrator form modification

I watched the form modification video that Katie made, but it only handled some basic stuff.  I've only just begun to mess with it, so I'm still in the clunky phase.  First off, I really like this layout on this part of the form I've messed with.  The only problem.... I don't know how I did it.  There are definitely fields which don't need to be very wide, so something similar would be a good look for many things, to avoid wasting space. 

Second, is there a way to place a dividing line?  The boxes run together.  I'd like to place blocks around certain groups of a line all the way across to divide parts of the form.

Next, Is there a way to connect the tablet to the system without wifi?  Our office doesn't have wifi, so I can't experiment with the tablet without taking it home or some other location.  Can I tether it into our wired network?

Lastly, is there a way to make a combo list?  I'd like to use a radio button for something like Limestone, Shale, Sandstone, and  Other.  Then, next to Other, there's a pulldown for another list of options.

  • Hi Jeff,

    It might be easier to discuss the different points in a call. Feel free to reach out to me directly at

    I tried to recreate a similar layout (like the in the screen shot you provided)  but I can't.

    Currently, there's no way to place a divided line. Being able to group components in different sections of the form is a request in our backlog.

    You can use the Preview tool in gINT Administrator to see how the form will display on the tablet. To test the form, you need a connection on your tablet to access those forms. There's no direct way to transfer the forms from your computer to the tablet.

    For the last item, currently, it is not possible to split a list of values for a specific property in different component types. If I understand, you would like to see your top 5 items displayed with radio button and the remaining items would be in a drop down component, is that correct?

    Again, feel free to contact me directly if you need more details.