gINT command script, message when finished

I have a gINT command script that I use to export the results of several reports at one time.  After all of the reports are saved, is it possible to have the script display a message to tell me that it has finished, something like this:



Brian L.

  • You could try using a parameters prompt with type = text and not required. Ie


    Process completed=**Text,NR

    This should generate a prompt that says "Process completed" and expect a text response.  Simply pressing enter should cancel the prompt because it is not required

    I have never tried this but it seems like it should work.

  • Hi szang, Yea, I tried that already.  It does not work as desired and it is really odd.  If I put that parameter at the end of my script, it does not execute at the end of the script.  It either prompt's me at the very beginning of the script run or in between the exporting of the reports.  It is inconsistent, one run to another, but never at the end.

    I seem to remember something about, that you have to have all of your user input parameters at the beginning of your script.  I could not find anything about it in the help, but I did not dig too deeply into it.  Perhaps someone from the Bentley/gINT group could comment on that.


    Brian L.

  • So here is an old timers hack way to do it that I actually tested:

    Create a txt file that includes the text "Process Complete" and any other instructions to the user. Save it in your scripts directory.

    At the end of your script include:

    Execute program = "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bentley\gINTCL\scripts\processcomplete.txt"

    This will fire up notepad with the file displayed (or whatever program you have associated with text files.  You can specify the program if you want.

    Dismissing the notepad window terminates the script.

    You could do the same with a JPG image of your notification window and open it in mspaint or other simple photo viewer.

    Not quite the true notification window you are looking for but it might help.

  • In a single script file you can actually have multiple "scripts" - ie multiple Operatons that will run in series... So another thing you can try is including 2 "scripts" in your file. The 1st script will be the real script that runs your task. The second script will just be a "dummy script" to show the parameters prompt. I tried this quick, and it seemed to do the trick, but I don't know if there are any gotchas where this wouldn't work.

    (And I now see that your original script generates multiple reports, so would already contain multiple scripts in a series. The difference below is that the input parameters are in that separate dummy script instead of one of the actual scripts. It's basically what szang suggested, except that final operation isn't opening external file, just displaying the input box.)