Unable to export Text Table recently using the same Report Design template

I used to export Text Table from gINT to excel through my tailor-made Report Design template.

Recently, I found some of my Report Design templates no longer works. When I tried to export the data, the message of "Reading Report" pops up and the gINT isn't loading at all. I have to force quit gINT and reopen it. In the interim, I have trimmed some columns in my Report Design and that would allow me to export the data successfully. However, this is a bit troublesome as I couldn't export multiply useful data in one single export. For the time being, I need to split the export under two different Report Design templates and then merge it myself in Excel afterward. It appears that the software doesn't support me to export large amount of data in one go.

In fact, I could export that brunch of data using the same template in the past, like a year ago. The only change in my software is from the old gINT v8i to gINTCL connect edition 10.02. I'm not sure if it is related.... 

Is there a way to solve this issue? Cheers.

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