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I have a report profile setup for producing logs in OpenGround, however I can't find any option to export each borehole log as a single pdf, or even bookmark individual boreholes in the same pdf. 

Does anyone know of a solution to export multiple borehole logs at once, saving them as individual pdfs ideally with their Location ID as the filename? This was very easy to do in gINT however unless I open the quick log for each borehole and export that way, I can't find a way to do it. Hoping I'm missing something simple!

Assumptions: single page log per borehole, all logs are the same format, ideally can export hundreds at once.

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  • Hi Thomas,

    OpenGround Cloud can either export individual logs to PDF (as you describe) or all the selected locations into a single PDF file via the Reports button.   Logs can be multiple types and pages within a single Report.

    There is no bookmarking in the Report PDF and no option to bulk export to lots of individual PDF files.

    Does this answer your question?  Is there something else you need it to do?  If so please reply with what and why.



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  • Thanks Roger,

    This does answer my question! It's a shame that we can't bulk export to individual files; my current workaround is to generate and save a quick log to each borehole naming it by Location ID, then exporting project documents. I'll see if I can put together a python script to get Location ID from logs and either bookmark or save individual pages - will attach to this question if I can.


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