HoleBASE SI - CIVIL3D - project not updating


I'm using the HoleBASE Civil 3D CONNECT Edition extension to create profiles and site plans, which has been working fine.

We've added additional locations to the project in holebase recently, as well as editing some of the existing data. However, the project is not updating in the C3D drawings when using the 'UPDATE' function under Data Management in the Holebase CONNECT ribbon. The project is connected but the update window is blank (see attached) and no updates are applied to the model space.

Using Civil3D 2021 with Holebase

I can create new drawings and connect to the project and this correctly imports the latest data. However, we've spent significant time setting up the other drawings expecting them to be able to be updated automatically.

Can I please get some help with this issue and some advice on how to avoid this problem again?