Keylab - Conditional formatting not showing up on output reports

I designed an output sheet with conditional formatting to fill a cell with color based on its value.  When I test the formatting on the sheet it works as it should.  However, when I batch print reports the conditional formatting does not show up.  I was wondering if there was somthing I was missing as far as how keylab functions with conditional formatting and output reports. When I am batching the reports I click off the "Remove Colour" option from the box that pops up with print options. I have also left it checked.  No difference.

How my sheet is setup:

On the input sheet I have it reference values for a particular specificaion.  Using index match I have it reference a table to pull in values based on the test.  The values are labeled as such:

Property  Top Specification  Bottom Specification

1/2                       5                          -5

3/8                       4                          -4


Each top secification and bottom specification has its own propery.  So in the example there would be 4 properties associated with it.   12in_top_spec     12in_bottom_spec

This would continue through the table.

On the output report I import the values into a second sheet.  So the output report has 2 sheets.  The main output report and the table sheet.

I then put the proper reference cells into this table sheet.  

It would look somthing like this. This is from an actual batch report:

So using these values

I goto a cell in the report.  Click on the conditional formatting for the cell and would type:  =OR(E18>'Values for Spec'!C4,E18<'Values for Spec'!B4)  With value for spec being the sheet pictured about.

I should note.  That if I don't reference a sheet in conditional formating and just -4 instead of "valuesforspecc4" the conditional formatting works.  The problem with this is I have 2 sheets that have different specs depending on the test so I can't do that.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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