Quick Log Scale / Units Per Page values as attributes in Enterprise

Similar to how the Default Template and Default Strip are assigned to a Location Type in a configuration Pack, can the Quick Log Scale or Units per Page also be associated to a specific Location Type?  We are using several different log templates and have created corresponding Location Types to match these templates so that a Quick Log will display the correct template.  Unfortunately, some of these templates have different ending depths on their first page, requiring the user to change the scale each time a Quick Log is displayed.  It would be hugely beneficial to the user if this scale value could be stored as an attribute to the Location Type, similar to the Default Template and Default Strip Set are, otherwise the user has to know that Quick Log template A needs to be scaled as 188 and Quick Log template B needs to be scaled as 225.

I am also having difficulty in understanding how the Units per Page actually works in Quick Log.  I presumed that this option sets the ending depth displayed on the first page, but I am not seeing the correlation.  With the Units/page set to 25, my depth scale on the first page ends at 20 feet.  I would like the first page to end at exactly a depth of 30 feet, but a Units/Page=37 (scale=185) ends at 29.6 feet and a Units/Page=38 (scale=190) ends at 30.4 feet.  A scale of 188 gets me close to 30 feet on the first page, but not exactly 30 feet.

Any advice on these issues would be greatly appreciated - thanks