Open Ground Data Entry - boring sample information (step 3) question

In Open Ground Data Entry, for boring sample information (step 3), how do I rearrange Geology Description so its position is permanently after Top Depth and Bottom Depth columns during all data entry?.

  • Hi Robert,

    The arrangement of the data entry profiles (column order, contents of each step, etc.) is actually controlled in OpenGround Professional.  Adjustments like this would need to be made by a System Manager or someone with sufficient access to the Configuration settings as it would affect all associated projects.  Note that it will be helpful to note the name of the grid you are using to enter the geology data (i.e., the text which appears on the appropriate tab).

    Assuming you have sufficient access go to 'System | Configuration Packs', highlight the appropriate pack from the list and click 'Manage Grids'.  Highlight the grid as identified above and click 'Edit'.  You'll see the columns listed on the right hand panel.  Highlight the Description and the up/down arrows on the side will enable - use these to reposition the column as required.  Save the changes and then reopen the data entry interface.

    Note that changes can also be made within a single project only (if you have Project Manager rights) under the Configuration ribbon.  However, this specific example is more likely to be required at Configuration Pack level.

    If you don't have sufficient access then please raise the issue with your System Manager, perhaps linking to this thread.  This will be someone within your own organisation who is effectively the gatekeeper for how the system is setup.

    Hope this helps!