Depth Link SPT table to Field Geological Descriptions table.

I work with 2 config packs. So one config pack has Field Geological Descriptions linked to SPT table (see screenshot 1) and I am unable to do the same to the other config pack (screenshot 2) because the depth link header field in SPT table is grayed out.  How should I do this? 


  • Please check that you have a depth column nominated for the 'Depth Link Header':

    1. Login under a System Administrator level account, 'System | Configuration Packs' and 'Manage Model'.

    2. Scroll to the required grid, highlight it and 'Edit'.

    3. Ensure the 'Depth Link Header' is specified (you may well find it is currently blank).

    The 'Depth Link Header' is the value from the destination grid which compared to the range of depths in the source grid (i.e., 'Field Geological Descriptions') in order to correlate the data.  Therefore, without having this column nominated no link can actually be established...hence it won't be available under 'Manage Grids'.