CONNECT Edition Update 1 release of WaterGEMS, WaterCAD and HAMMER

We are pleased to announce the availability of CONNECT Edition Update 1 of WaterGEMS, WaterCAD and HAMMER:

WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition Update 1 (
WaterCAD CONNECT Edition Update 1 (
HAMMER CONNECT Edition Update 1 (

This Update 1 release is available at no cost for SELECT and ELS subscribers and includes many enhancements and new features to help users be more successful with their hydraulic modeling projects. Below are just a few of the highlights. A more comprehensive list of "What's new" will be available soon.

  • ModelBuilder Snapshots
    • Improves model maintenance and synchronization with a GIS or other data source by tracking changes to the GIS/source files during ModelBuilder updates.
  • Other ModelBuilder Enhancements
    • GIS-ID Control Center: provides an easier way to manage model element GIS-IDs.
    • Spatial Join: enables the user to synchronize elements by spatial proximity when no unique label field exists
    • Selection sets for Sync-in and Sync-out: provides a way to update only certain elements.
    • Command line operation: enables batch-importing for more efficient model building workflows.
  • Bing Maps background layer
    • Provides a quick and easy way to add and align aerial imagery and street maps provided by Bing.
  • Change Tracking
    • Enables you to keep track of and review changes made to hydraulic models, including who made the change and when it was made.
  • Pump NPSH Analysis
    • Makes it easier to check for pump cavitation by comparing the available Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) to the NPSH required.
  • Display System Head Curve for Variable Speed Pumps
    • Provides a more accurate view of pump characteristic curves for different pump speeds in the system head curve tool.
  • Tree view for choosing active scenario
    • Makes it more clear and easy to select the appropriate scenario from the dropdown.
  • Save to Package
    • Makes it easier to zip and send all related files for a model to someone else for sharing, troubleshooting or archiving.
  • More!
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This release also integrates with MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 4 and AutoCAD 2017 and 2018 (32 bit/64 bit). For WaterGEMS and HAMMER, ArcGIS integration supports up to version 10.5.

For more information on downloading this release, please see the following article:

Downloading Haestad / Hydraulics and Hydrology Software

Please use our forum to discuss any questions or feedback you have on this release.

Happy Modeling!


Bentley Technical Support and Development Teams