Benefits of the Subscription Entitlement Service (CONNECT Licensing) for OpenFlows Users

The Subscription Entitlement Service (formerly known as CONNECT Licensing) gives you more control over license usage and provides enhanced clarity for end-user Feature Level selection, helping prevent unintended overages.

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Subscription Entitlement Service (CONNECT Licensing) for OpenFlows Products

Subscription Entitlement Service (CONNECT Licensing) - General Information

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  • I agree with RKoons on this subject.  Even with the new Entitlements method in place, we can only prompt the users with a choice.  There is no way to prevent them from acknowledging it at still occurring the additional overage using Bentley's method.  I see 3rd party software server\client as the only way to prevent this.  RKoons mentions SoftTrack, but I have had great support and success with Sassafras KeyServer. 

    I wanted to get a shout-out to them if anyone is looking for another SOLUTION to this Bentley licensing mess...

  • It's about time...

    Few people realize that Bentley used to limit software, preventing users from overages even and especally with Online concurrent licensing. This new feature, although welcome, should be implemented on ALL their software programs, not just new versions.

    People in my position do have access to third part programs that allow us to monitor and control this from companies that develop programs like Softrack for example. However, we should NOT be forced to either pay for overages when there are no controls, or purchase third party programs, OR opgrade to newer versions of the software that we might not be ready for.