Learning OpenRoads Subsurface Utilities (aka, StormCAD in OpenRoads)

If you're interested in a gentle introduction to OpenRoads Subsurface Utilities (StormCAD, CivilStorm), we (Bentley Institute) finally made some introductory classes that don't assume you are a Roadway Designer.

The OpenRoads Designer - Subsurface Utilities Learning Path starts with a Navigating the OpenRoads Interface class, followed by an Evaluating Subsurface Utilities class.  In an hour, you be able to distill everything you could distill from a StormCAD or CivilStorm file.

QuickStart for Terrain Display makes you a master of evaluating Terrain (contours, flowlines, etc.).

The remaining classes cover the OpenRoads flavor of doing things you already know how to do.  You'll be an expert in no time.