Quickly check hydraulic result trends with Sparklines

To assess how calculated results like pressure and tank levels change over time, one must set up and manage multiple Graphs, right? Actually, with Sparklines, you can do this right in a flextable, for all elements at once. To learn more, watch this short video and check out the additional resources in the "See Also" section. The video covers the following:

  • Enabling and configuring Sparklines for Flow in a pipe flextable
  • Showing Sparklines for multiple result fields at once

Applicable products/versions:

  • WaterCAD and WaterGEMS: V8i SELECTseries 4 ( and greater
  • SewerGEMS, SewerCAD and CivilStorm V8i SELECTseries 4 ( and greater

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Mark Pachlhofer
Senior Technical Support Engineer
Bentley Systems, Inc.

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