Using Tractive Stress to ensure self-cleaning pipes

Are self-cleaning pipes an important consideration in your sewer system design? Did you know that the Tractive Stress feature can assess this and even size pipes to ensure that your system is self-cleaning? To learn more, watch this short video and check out the additional resources in the "See Also" section. The video covers the following:

  • Setting a global or local target tractive stress
  • Using color coding to visualize where pipes are self-cleaning

Applicable products/versions:

  • V8 XM and V8i: SewerGEMS and SewerCAD (GVF-Convex numerical solver)
  • CONNECT Edition: SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm (GVF-Convex, Explicit (SWMM) and Implicit)

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Scott Kampa
Senior Technical Support Engineer
Bentley Systems, Inc.

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