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RE: Pumpstation+Storage pipe



In the following captured, I included plan and section of a given stormwater pump station to evacuate water from wet well to a river from level 0.0 m to level 10 m.

I need to have the required volume of wet well for a given hydrograph.

I drew manhole, pipe , wet well, pump, pressure pipe and an outlet in SewerGems.

Aso,as you mentioned before, I input the 5-year event hydrograph in the node (manhole).

Please let me know:

1- How can I have volume required of wet well based on the hydrograph and pump discharge 2 x 0.2 m3/s.

2-Is it possible to have volume stored in the pipe in the different level form level 0.0 to level 2m?

This project should be done based on " HEC24, stormwater pump station guideline" and I should follow that book.