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Loadbuilder - WaterCAD/GEMS - Area Method


Regarding the load builder:  i made a theissen polygon using a shape file as a boundary layer. then, i used a copy of the boundary layer shape file and assign attribute valve to it with the total demand m3/day using ArcMap.

Then in loadbuilder i used the area load method, prop. dist. by area and i used the new ArcMap - edited shape file as a flow boundry layer. and the theissen polygon as service area layer. 
the loadbuilder then shows an error messege "2 Id(s) do not match any id of the model."   

please, help me with this problem . 
Thanks in advance. 

Eng. M. Salem 

  • Generally speaking the message ""# Id(s) do not match any id of the model." indicates that one or more of the service area polygons are missing their corresponding element (the junctions used in the Thiessen polygon tool). This could happen if for example you deleted the junctions after creating the Thiessen polygon shapefile. It may help to add the shapefile as a background layer to visually see if any of the corresponding junctions are missing. Let us know if this helps and we'll be sure to document this as a Support Solution.

    Otherwise as Scott suggests, a copy of the files would be best, in order to provide a more specific answer.


    Jesse Dringoli
    Technical Support Manager, OpenFlows Products
    Bentley Communities Site Administrator
    Bentley Systems, Inc.

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