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Sewergems exporting SWMM - can I export notes?

Hi! We are trying to export SWMM-file from Sewergems. There's some information about nodes and pipes we would like to store in Notes-field (Sewergems V8i Select series 5)) or in Decription-field (EPA SWMM 5.1). But it seem that notes from Gems are not exported to SWMM description-field automatically? Is it possible to do that somehow?

There's also tags we would like to include in SWMM-model. Is it possible to create User Data Extension in SewerGEMS, write information there and then export it to SWMM?


Laura Kuismin

  • What you are trying to do is not currently supported.

    I submitted the following enhancement requests on your behalf:

    #329427 - Export the SewerGEMS element attribute "Notes" to the "Description" field in EPA SWMM and vice versa

    #329545 - Retain the element attributes "Notes" and custom user data extensions when exporting to INP and importing back into SewerGEMS


    Could you explain the need to export to the SWMM .inp format?

    Note that SewerGEMS includes the SWMM solver, which can be selected from the Calculation Options.

    If you would like to send the model to someone who doesn't have SewerGEMS, I recommend looking into exporting i-models, which can be opened with Bentley Map Mobile and Bentley View for free.



    Craig Calvin

    Bentley Technical Support

  • Thanks for answering.
    Our customer wants the final product to be in open source format/SWMM.
    Could you give any estimation when this enhancement might be available?
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