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What does the 'depth' in a Catchment Basin mean in SewerCAD and why it is different from the hydraulic grade ?

I am using SewerCAD to analyze a high sewer flow scenario of an existing system using steady state analysis.

The model include some gravity conduits, connected to a wet well (Lift Station), pumps, then to pressured pipes. The model ends with an outfall.

Total of 1,425 gpm of sewage flow reaches to the lift station. There are three pumps at the lift station and they are pumping at 1,545 gpm.

I attached the properties of the wet well. The base elevation is 795.5 ft and the hydraulic grade is 798 ft, which makes sense since the pumps are pumping the sewage until 797.5 ft level.  What I am not understand fully is the 'depth' of 88.57 inch, which is 7.38 ft.  I thought it was a sewer depth in the wet well, but if that is the case, it should be the same as the hydraulic grade, which is 2.5 ft - that is my thought.  Please help me understand what 'depth' mean and why there is a difference with the hydraulic grade.

Thank you.


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