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Determination of Pump head

Dear Sir,

This scheme represents the lifting of water from reservoir (R-1) to Tank ( T-1). The flow through the pipe shall be 2200 cu.m/h. Hence the design flow of pump shall be 2200 cu.m/h.  Please guide us the steps to determine the design head, shutoff head of the pump.

The model is attached for your reference.


Sujoy De

Model- Pump head Determination.rar

  • The general approach I would use is to select pumps is

    1. Create my pipe network model,
    2. Insert a pump with a reasonable pump head curve
    3. Make some model runs
    4. Generate a system head curve
    5. Obtain pump head curves for some likely pumps
    6. Put them in the model and see what their operating points are
    7. Make sure they will be operating near their best efficiency point
    8. Look at how they will be operated (on/off, continuous running) set points with EPS model
    9. Perform some energy calculations to find the pumps with the best life cycle costs

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  • Please see the below article in our wiki to supplement Tom's answer:

    General Pump Selection Process


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