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SCADA connect with excel


I want to add real-time SCADA signals, but I've got a problem. Due to strict security protocols of our company, I have no direct access to operational data. Although, I can generate reports ( .XLSX format), which are near real-time (considering the 10-15min hydraulic timesteps). I can see that, when I establish a SCADA signal connection to a .XLSX file, it is opened for good, so no external software can write that specific file until watercad is closed or scada signal is deleted. This behaviour prevents me to overwrite/update the .xls report that contains my signal data.

Do you know any workaround for this issue?

What I was thinking about (but not sure if it can resolve the issue):

- create an access database

- Link my excel sheet to the database

- establish scada connect to the access database file

Best regards,

Attila BIBOK

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