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How to input data of demand for each junction?

I would like to imput data for each of the junctions. However, I am not able to type any value in Demand column. The following table is what I came across. 

ID Label     Elevation (m)    Zone        Demand      Collection        Demand (L/min)     Hydraulic Grade (m)    Pressure (kPa)
30 J-1         184.00               Zone - 1 <Collection: 0 items>            (N/A)                            (N/A)                                (N/A)
31 J-2         185.00               Zone - 1 <Collection: 0 items>            (N/A)                            (N/A)                                (N/A)
32 J-3         184.00               Zone - 1 <Collection: 0 items>            (N/A)                            (N/A)                                (N/A)
33 J-4         183.00               Zone - 1 <Collection: 0 items>            (N/A)                            (N/A)                                (N/A)
34 J-5         185.50               Zone - 1 <Collection: 0 items>            (N/A)                            (N/A)                                (N/A)
44 J-6         165.00               Zone - 1 <Collection: 0 items>            (N/A)                            (N/A)                                (N/A)

  • Hi Daniel,

    It looks like you are showing a FlexTable in your post. You are not able to edit numbers directly into that table (though, you could, by clicking in the "<Collection: 0 items>" cell and then clicking the ellipsis button [...] that appears). The downside with the [...] approach is that you have to edit one by one and have no ability to make global edits. This approach is similar to right-clicking on a demand node, choosing Properties and then editing the Demand Collection in the Demand section of the properties grid.

    A better way to manually edit demands, is open the Demand Control Center.

    In WaterGEMS CONNECT (latest version) you find the Demand Control Center by Home Tab --> Common Components --> Demand Center --> Demand Control Center.

    In WaterGEMS V8i you find the Demand Control Center by Tools --> Demand Control Center.

    The Demand Control Center allows you to see a tabular (flat) view of demands (bearing in mind that nodes have a one to many relationship with demands) and make easier edits by directly typing into the demand value cell and so on.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.


  • Hello Daniel,

    You need to enter the demands through demand control center, For V8i- Tools>Demand control center and for Connect Edition, Components>Demand Center>Demand control center. 

    Then Initialize demands for all nodes or for required junctions and then assign the demands and patterns if any. 

    Also you can enter demands through properties of the junction. 


    Sushma Choure

    Bentley Technical Suppport

  • This wiki on how to add nodes to the demand control center describes what Wayne and Sushma have posted in their replies.




    Craig Calvin

    Bentley Technical Support