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Using Load Builder – Proportional Distribution by population

Dear Sir,

I have got a SewerGEMS network of a Sewerage Scheme for a Town. The Town is divided into 38 Wards having different Population Densities in (Population/Hectare). There is a AutoCAD drawing showing the Ward Boundaries with the Number for each Ward. I also have a separate Excel Sheet having the 2 Columns specifying Ward Numbers and Population Density for each Ward (Population/Hectare). I have generated the Thiessen Polygons for the 4380 Manholes in the Network specifying a Buffering Percentage only (i.e. No Separate Ward Boundary Used) . Now I want to distribute/assign the population to each manhole base on the thiessen polygon generated.  I also have shapfile having attributes of Ward No., Population density. 

Please suggest me which method of load builder is suitable for distribution of population based on thiessen polygon?  and How I proceed further with suggested method?

With Regards,

Yogesh Kondalkar

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