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Displaying Drop of a manhole

Hello Everyone, 

I have a query regarding displaying the drop depth in a manhole. I have gone through other technical articles available on community like .

My concern is that the available fields in the manhole only help us in working out the drop from the invert of incoming pipe to the invert of outgoing pipe, However, I would like to work out the drop from invert of incoming pipe to the overt of outgoing pipe. The figure of drop from invert of incoming pipe to the invert of outgoing pipe is not of much use. Is it possible to include the information (diameters) of all incoming pipes and outgoing pipes in the manhole properties? That would be of great help in working out the actual drop depths.

Also, i would like to avoid drop at certain locations by increasing the slope of pipes.  Can we add information of downstream conduit (within conduit attributes) so that we can select all conduits where there is difference in the invert (stop) of upstream conduit and invert (start) of downstream conduit. 

Hope I was able to explain clearly.


Jatin Talwar

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