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Water Distribution Network Design

Dear Sir,

I am doing some projects related to water distribution network design. Client wants to know various design options considering different supply hours (like 8 hrs/10 hrs/12 hrs of water supply in distribution network).

ESR is existing and its height, capacity fixed. Also, demand for distribution network is fixed.

Please guide how to do design in Watergems V8i for different supply hours in water distribution network. 

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Trupti,

    I believe you want to model different scenarios for 8/10/12 supply hours. My 2 cents:

    Firstly, you have to calculate the hourly peak factor during the 8/10/12 supply hours conditions. You will be able to do this using Hydraulic 'Patterns' in WaterGEMS. Please search for hydraulic patterns in the WaterGEMS help section (File>Help>WaterGEMS help). Alternatively you can go through the Quick Start lessons under the help menu. In this case, you have to create different hydraulic patterns for 8/10/12 supply hours, respectively.

    Please note, for the 'off supply' hours the demand multipliers would be considered as 'Zero'.

    Then, you can make the use of Alternatives to assign these pattern to the base demands (average demands) of the model using 'Demand alternative'. Using these demand alternatives for the 3 hydraulic patterns you need to create 3 Scenarios. Please go through the 'Scenarios and Alternatives' exercise in the Quick Start lessons.

    For the above models, it would be best to consider Extended Period Simulation. You can change the model settings to an EPS mode from Analysis>Calculation Options.

    All of the above is only a hint. I hope this hint helps. Keep us posted on your advancements on the model.

    Regards, Tanay

  • An additional thought: the solution to this modeling situation will be dependent on exactly what the limitation is for the intermittent feed. Is the source cut off in 8/12 hours or do you feed different zones at different time? Can you clarify?


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