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The zero "hour" and its influence on the Incremental and Cumulative Energy until specific hour

Dear colleagues,

In the Scenario Energy Cost there is a column (Figure 1) with name Energy Used Incremental. For a specific hour it is equal to the Wire Power ( the time step is one our) of the previous hour.

The problem for me is when the Cumulative Energy uses this incremental value. In the example the cumulative energy for the first two hours of the day in the table is 7kWh.

But I don't agree, because:

During the first hour the Wire Energy is 3.1 kW, during the second hour the Wire Energy is 3,1kW. It means that if time step is exactly 1 hour, then the cumulative energy for these two hours will be 6.2 kWh.

Am I wrong, and where?

I suppose that the explanation is somehow hidden in the first ( very useless in my opinion ) row, The Zero Hour. 

So the second question is what is the purpose of the first row, where in the column Time (hours) is written 0,00? Can I remove it?

I have this zero hour also in the context results table. For a day (EPS) with 24 hours, a have 25 rows. Figure 2.

Thank you in advance