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Parts of the network are disconnected due to demand shortfall

Hello guys.I have a complete water distribution system.The main challenge I am facing is how to meet the demands at specified nodes after running a criticality analysis tool.Can you guys please provide insights and assist me so that the model above can run successfully.I have set up measures and controls so that the tank will never get empty.After doing a criticality analysis on the model the hydraulic engine outputs unreasonable results.I think my question is, after running the criticality analysis(by unchecking the check valve option) and understanding which segments are facing outages then what next?Is there a way that I can incorporate during the design in order to avoid disconnection of certain segments due to demand shortfalls? I have worked on setting up new calculation options for the engine but still, I get unexpected results when I look at my flex table.

Please note that I don't want to use Pressure Dependent Demand or emitter coefficients and instead I only want to work in Steady state mode with fixed demands as they are.None of the elements is disconnected from the main model as seen in the network navigator toolbar.

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