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How to set up and assign private customer pump stations to investigate effects on network

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone can suggest how I can arrange and simulate private pump stations in my network.

I have a relatively small WDN of 505 households and which has been skeletonized to 30 nodes. A brief survey of the area found that about 30% of the households have private pumps which they use to fill their tanks when pressure is low. I am using WaterGems at the moment.

What I want to investigate is the effect of these private pumps on the performance of the distribution network and most especially how the use of the pumps affect other customers that have no pump. At the moment, the only information of the pump that I have are the Hmax and Qmax which I will use as a general representation for the pump curve. I am considering using the PDD function but I have a few questions.

The questions are:

1. How do I set up the pumps? (since I am only interested in effects of the pumps do I still need to put in the tanks or is there an alternative?)

2. Do I need any controls for the pump?

3. Can anyone suggest how to locate the pumps to represent 30% of the households?

Any other added suggestion will be highly appreciated

I know there might be insufficient information but I can explain further if need be.

Many thanks

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