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WaterCAD - huge flow into well from water tower and rest of system

Hi, I have a site with several wells, a raw water piping system, a water tower, and a potable water piping system. (Don't ask questions about the treatment and filtration of this water.. the answer is not optimal and outside the scope of this question). I believe I've set my elevations correctly, as well as my pipe directions.

I am getting a flow of -340,282,346,638,529,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.0 gpm at the pipe between one of the wells and its corresponding pump. I've even tried putting check valves in the pipes but I can't stop it.

Unfortunately I can't post the WTG file publicly due to the nature of the buildings in the network and the information I have on them. Any ideas as to what's happening?


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