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Terrain Model

Hello everyone,

I tried to saw my profile by inserting terrain file but I didn't understand why the program is forcefully inserting ground elevation at rim. I ave this problem in most of the profiles plot. Please find the following attachment.

Thank you,

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  • After importing from inroad I add few networks in stormCAD, now my ground elevations are little bit different due to some cut and fills, so I would like to update ground elevations for those inverts after cut fills, which I previously drew in existing ground.

    To update elevations of existing elements, you can use Trex (Terrain Extractor). 

    The Terrain Model feature can be used when adding new elements to a model. In our upcoming CONNECT Edition Update 2 release (due at the end of this month or early November), we plan to introduce a feature where you can choose to re-apply a terrain model to existing elements, to update the ground elevations. 

    You are using an old version, and I recommend upgrading to the CONNECT Edition. The problems you're experiencing may have been fixed, plus you would be able to access other new features such as Catchment Delineation. If your organization has a SELECT subscription, the upgrade can be done at no additional cost. You can read more here: Downloading Haestad / Hydraulics and Hydrology Software

    And I also add two Landxml file one in stormCAD one with existing ground and other with proposed ground.Can  I able to see both ground elevations for the same point in my profile.

    You can only have one active terrain model at a time. You could reopen the profile after changing your active Terrain model.


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