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How to Model Region C/Region D Rainfall Method (NJ) in PondPack V8i?


I'm currently using PondPack V8i for a project I'm working on in New Jersey. Up until now, I've been modelling the 2-, 10-, and 100-year quantity design storms based on the USDA NRCS utilizing a Type III rainfall distribution. I want to be able to switch from Type III distribution to the Region C/Region D rainfall distribution. From what I understand, the time-depth distribution graph will have the same range, units, and area under the curve, but the curve itself will have a different distribution. Has anyone been able to model this correctly, or is there a download for an add-on somewhere? Googling hasn't turned up much expect for this site: and here is the rainfall data by county and the region specifications: 

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.