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WaterGEMS crashes if SCADA Datasource set for other than 24 hours

When I set up SCADA signals with a 24-hour period, it works and I am able to view SCADA historical results in both the SCADA Signal preview menu or SCADA elements in the model. However, if I change to another time frame (such as 48 hours), WaterGEMS crashes suddenly and without any error messages.

I thought at first that it was due to the complexity of the model and the large number of signals, but the problem is reproducible with an empty model and only a single signal.

Version information: 32-bit

The following procedure works without issue:

  1. Create new file, with change tracking off.
  2. Open SCADA Signal
  3. Create new DataSource
    1. OLEDB
    2. Connection String: *entered appropriate connection string*
    3. Advanced Options:
      1. Date/Time Prefix/Suffix: double quote (")
      2. Field Name Prefix/Suffix: space ( )
    4. Test Connection succeeds
  4. Set the Table Name, Signal, Value and Timestamp Fields
  5. Set to Historical
  6. Set Custom SQL Statements:
    1. Available Signals: set rowcount=0 select Tagname from ihTags
    2. Historical: set rowcount=0, samplingmode=rawbytime select Tagname,Value,TimeStamp,Quality from ihRawData where (@requestedsignals)  and ((TimeStamp>=08/20/2018) and (TimeStamp<=08/21/2018)) and Quality = "Good NonSpecific"
    3. Time Range: set rowcount=0, samplingmode=rawbytime select Min(TimeStamp),Max(TimeStamp) from ihRawData
  7. Select SCADA Signals: select a single signal from the list
  8. Click Okay, and view the selected Signal in the preview window, press Refresh
    1. The data points for the 24 hour period display correctly.

However, if the exact same procedure is followed, except the second timestamp is changed to (TimeStamp<=08/22/2018), when you click Okay from entering the Custom SQL Statements, the program freezes for about 30 seconds, then crashes completely. There is no warning message or 'crash report' dialogue.

If you change the date range to 8/21/2018 - 8/22/2018, it works fine, but a date range of 8/21/2018 - 8/23/2018 crashes. So there doesn't seem to be a problem with a specific date, just with ranges greater than 24 hours.

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