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I am trying to model a complex gravity flow system where water flows naturally by gravity from the reservoir (a river upstream) to several tanks downstream. Is there the best way to run the model and allow the system to deliver a reasonable amount of flow by automatically adjusting itself in accordance to the existing conditions(active topology/base physical elevations e,t,c) without the need to introduce Flow Control Valves before each tank?

My point is that in any real gravity flow system water tends to flow up to the maximum capacity the pipeline will hold/allow depending on the terrain surface and amount of energy to be overcome along that pipeline route without the need of introducing a flow control valve. We all understand that more rugged terrain surfaces will require more energy to be overcomed in the pipelines than smoother terrains which will enable the pipe to carry more water. In the real scenario, the natural low will apply and flow delivered will automatically adjust unlike in watergems where negative and even larger flows are experienced without the introduction of FCVs.

Is there a way to allow the software to automatically adjust the flow delivered in an open gravity system(reservoir to tank downstream) to be reasonable and match the existing ground conditions without the need of a FCV. (Lets maybe say: A PRESSURE DEPENDENT FLOW) which will maintain a positive residual head in the downstream side even if it is 0.000001m of water or soo.

Or is there any way to tackle this issue? I was thinking maybe the Pressure Dependent Function will sort me but I have tried and realized it won't. Can anyone please guide me by using the attached file.Let's say, pick a pipeline from the Reservoir to BPT1-Check the selection sets set they will help. With this pipeline, without the use of a FCV, can the software readjust itself into the normal conditions available and allow water to flow without any negative pressures experienced. Please find attached.