Overflow losses

Why the overflow losses are not considered back in the system in the Cvilstorm Explicit (SWMM Solver) and what I need to change to make sure that they are considered back in the system. The modeled storm water network consist of manholes, catch basins, conduits, outfall and pond.

  • Hello Nada,

    You can model surface storage for overflows at nodes in the model by opening the properties for the element and setting the field Surface Storage Type to Ponded Area. You can then include the area above the node that the ponded area has. With the Explicit solver, this is the only surface storage type that is supported, whoever other types are available when using the Implicit solver.

    By using surface storage, the overflow is not lost to the system and is assumed to return into the structure and the subsurface network.



    Answer Verified By: Sushma Choure 

  • Thank you very much. I have changed the model to reflect the ponded area and it is perfectly working now.