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VFD pump

Hi All, 

I have some  questions about modeling VFD pumps in a closed loop is it the only way to model VFD pumps by putting the values for Speed vs efficiency curve as below figure? and if so let say if i enter 8 points  this means that we define 8 characteristic curves for the one  VFD pump? 

and for the BEP flow and BEP efficiency if i have 8 characteristic curves this means i should add BEP for each one or just for pump at full speed ?

and the same for the curve Multi points flow Vs Head what points exactly to enter ??  i have max allowable flow, Min allowable flow and duty  , should i enter all of them at full speed or for the 8 curves?

what data should be enter for the VFD pumps to run the software without any issues ??