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Can you create flex table templates.

I have a flex table set up for my design type work. In the report, I want to customize the flex table to show data relevant to the reviewer requirements. It seems like I have to add and remove columns and get everything set up correctly in the flex table for the report. And then it is gone for my design purposes.

Are there any tools to set up reporting flex table templates so I don't have to keep messing around with the column data? Instead of having to add and remove columns all the time, it would be nice to have a radio button or drop down from which to select the shown columns.

  • Yo can create custom flex tables which can be solely for that model or can be shared with other model files.

    From the pipe table manger, right click on Pipe Table in the Flex table manager, Select Duplicate and you can create  your custom table as a Hydraulic Model Flex Table for this file or a Shared Flex Table that can be shared with other models. You can create as many of these as you want, each with its own name.

    Once you open this duplicate table, the changes you make in terms of columns are not reflected in the normal flex tables.

    This can be done for any element flex table, not just pipes..

  • Hello Brian,

    As Tom mentioned above, you can certainly create customized flex-tables which can be stored and shared among other models.

    Here is the relevant wiki article that can guide you on this;

    How to create and share FlexTables between different computers

    Hope this helps.


    Yashodhan Joshi