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change of slopes in sewergems

i have design a sewer network in sewergems . i computed the results as invert levels and dia are designed but the slopes are uneconomical how to change the slopes its not get edited and how to input the infiltration details also 

  • Hello Giri,

    The slope of a conduit in SewerGEMS is not editable because it is based on the Start and Stop invert elevations. So, to change the slope, you will need to adjust the inverts. By default, the inverts will be set equal to the start and stop node inverts, in which case you can adjust the inverts of your manholes (or other connecting node like catchbasins or transitions) to adjust the slope.

    If you are looking for a specific slope, you could try using the Automated Design feature with the GVF-Convex solver (set in the calculation options). With this, the program will try to size the pipes and inverts to meet your constraints, so you could set the slope constraint to the desired slope. See more here: How do I set a certain slope for my pipes when designing them?

    Regarding infiltration details, this is configured with the "Infiltration Load Type" field in the conduit properties (it can also be added to the conduit Flextable for global editing). There are several methods available to model inflow that seeps (infiltrates) into the pipes.


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