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SewerGems - convert pressure junctions to bends, or delete them without deleting the pipe

I understand WaterGems has a tool that allows you to convert pressure junctions into bends (series pipe merge tool) but SewerGems does not appear to have the same functionality.

On many occasions I've needed to delete a branch pipe that connects two parallel pipes together, or something similar. This leaves pressure junctions on the remaining pipes. Not a huge deal, but I prefer not to have additional nodes in my model that don't serve a purpose.

Is there any way to get rid of them without having to start over? This article describes the situation I'm talking about. In my opinion, its solutions are lacking for SewerGems.

Why not include the series pipe merge tool for SewerGems?

  • Hello David,

    As mentioned in the related article, the Skelebrator tool is not yet available in SewerGEMS. Skelebration operations are more common in water system applications, and it may require significant effort to implement it into SewerGEMS. That said, we are always looking to improve SewerGEMS to make it easier for users to accomplish what they need to do, so our product management team may consider adding Skelebrator capabilities in a future release. I will create a Service Request for you and link it to the associated Enhancement Request. In the meantime you can use the workarounds mentioned in the related article.

    Update: currently (as of April, 2019) no plans for Skelebrator in SewerGEMS. 


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