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Spread (StormCAD)

Hello Bentley,

While calculating Spread it is necessary to provide road cross slope, Gutter slope and longitudinal slope in catch basin flex table and road cross slope and gutter cross slope in gutter flex table twice or it is sufficient if we only provide in catch basin table?

Please find the following attachment.

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  • Hello Hari,

    .Is the length of the gutter matters the spread results?

    The length is considered because we are also specifying the longitudinal slope of the gutter which is factored in the calculation of spread.

    does this program look for the pipe invert and catch basin invert (weather matched or not) while calculating spread?

    Are you designing the inlets? If so then the design alternative will size the length of the inlet in order to meet a minimum inlet efficiency or capture percentage. The longitudinal slope is calculated from the invert levels at the upstream and the downstream catch-basins and the length of the gutter. In the spread calculations longitudinal slope is factored in. The program will not consider the connection or matching of the pipe invert and catch-basin invert as the spread calculations are dependent on the gutter hydraulics and not the pipe / conduit hydraulics.

    Hope this helps.


    Yashodhan Joshi

    Bentley Technical Support

    Answer Verified By: Sushma Choure