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Pond Design (PondPack)

Hello Bentley,

I am designing basin and I have few questions regarding it.MY target peak flow are all passed and also 2-year volume is under control which I need in my project.But based on attached graph is my pond is bigger?

Because up to elevation 1125 the target curve didn't start and all my 1,2,10,25,50 and 100 year flow lines are very close..I put my orifice at 1124.60 and my riser at 1126.95. 

Can you please help me to interpret this graph based on my input data and results obtained..

Thank you,


  • Hello Hari,

    The dashed lines in the graph represents the maximum water elevation for the different scenarios. This indicates that the pond and outlet structure appear to set up such that the pond will not overflow. The target peak flows appear to match well with the projected outflow, so it seems that PondMaker is giving a good result.

    Are you concerned about the size of the pond? If so, in what way?