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I designed a network in the Storm CAD program and when the program was calcuated  the velocity  value in the many  of conduits was equal to zero. What should I do?

  • Usually zero velocity is due to zero flow. What is the flow in the pipe? If it is zero, then determine why that is? If there is flow but it's low and the slope is steep, the velocity, may not be zero. Check the number of decimal places by right clicking velocity and using Units and Formatting. 

  • Here are some addition things to check:

    1) Ensure that the model run was successful - take a look at the calculation summary and user notifications list for any indications that the run failed. Use the Validate tool as well, to find issue before a compute is attempted.

    2) If the velocity/flow issue occurs in only specific pipes, take a look at how they differ from the pipes that do have velocity/flow. Check if there are upstream flows entering the pipe via catchments are inflows added directly to the catchbasin. Ensure catchment "outflow node" is set to the correct element to direct the flow, and take a look at catchbasin inlet capture (

    3) If this zero velocity occurs for conduits that are set as diversion links, this is expected. See: Velocity and other results fields in a Diversion pipe

    If the above does not help, please provide a copy of the model for review: Sharing Hydraulic Model Files on the OpenFlows Forum


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