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WO programmers, find the field name and other informations bit more easily

Hey programmers,

This tool (html and related files) is more suitable for WaterObjects.NET (WO) developers who are in need to find the field name to work with that field.

It is extremely difficult to find the right filed (and corresponding alternative type name if the field is an alternative type field) without having the right tool. There are two major things in here, 1) The source C# code that generates the contents for the html (which is JSON string) and 2) An html file along with the other supporting files (like bootstrap css, js etc.)

If you are interested in looking at the source code, then head over to github. (

If you are only interested in the fields then simply download the 7z file which contains html files. This zip file is generated based on WaterGEMS file version


Quick Preview Video:

C# window that helps you generate the JSON string:

Hope this will save some time and frustration when hunting for the right field name and other information...