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How to include Mass Transfer Coefficient into MSX

Hi Everyone,

We're currently working on developing an MSX model for Chlorine Decay that can account for wall decay as a factor of Biofilm growth (thus removing the need to specify wall decay for specific pipes throughout the network).

Unfortunately the equation for this relies on the mass transfer coefficient, which is dependent on the type of flow, as explained here:

This is built into the WaterGEMS standard pipe wall reaction calculations, however I need to know whether we can reference this coefficient in MSX, does anyone know whether this is possible? My understanding is that EPANET is capable of this so I assume WaterGEMS is capable as well, I just don’t know how.

For anyone wondering, the equations for Bulk decay are very simple. Below is a copy of what we use currently (no wall decay):

The Wall Decay equations are derived as follows (A&B are constants to be determined by trial and error, kw is what we need from WaterGEMS)

Thank you,