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remove linework from cadd

I am working in stormcad for autocad and did a bunch of layouts. I then did some modeling and design in stormcad stand alone.

Can I remove the stormcad linework from autocad?

  • Hello Brian L,

    I just created a model in a .dwg file and placed some StormCAD nodes in it using the integrated product.

    Then I opened the .stsw file in StormCAD (Standalone) and placed some more.

    I was able to re-open the .dwg file in the integrated product (in which I now see both sets of graphic elements) and I am able to delete any of the elements in the file whether they were placed in the integrated product or the Standalone product.

    Are you seeing error messages when you try this?  Or do you just want to know whether or not it is possible (in which case it is possible)?

    Please let me know.

  • To add to Larry's reply - you can delete all of the StormCAD elements from the DWG file when working in StormCAD for AutoCAD by clicking the "select all" button under the "StormCAD" menu (available in the CONNECT Edition), then right click in the drawing and choose "erase". You'll want to do a save-as immediately afterwards so that you do not delete the StormCAD elements from the StormCAD database. You will then be left with a DWG that only has the non-StormCAD linework.

    I have added this information to the following Wiki article: Can a model be detached from a DWG when integrated with AutoCAD?


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