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Main control valve & min re-circulation control valve operation with time delay

Dear Bentley team,

I have a following queries on Hammer/WaterGEMS,

  1. I have a pumping system with main control valve on discharge line & one more control valve on minimum re-circulation line. I wanted to know that whether I can do simulation when control valve on main discharge line is closing at the same time I need to open control valve on minimum re-circulation line, I can say both valves should operate with a time delay. Is it possible to do this case using Hammer.


  1. I need to mention pressure as a input on destination point, where can I mention pressure as a input as fluid vapour pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure , hence I cannot use either reservoir option or a junction option to allocate the demand. If allocate demand for the junction since initially control valve is in closed condition hence simulation is showing error as initial pressure is less than the vapour pressure. 

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Thank you

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